Band of Beards

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Band of Beards






Band of Beards is a full band again, possibly of beards. We will be playing full force in Trenton, New Jersey with our friends Horrible People (from Hazleton, PA). Loud noises will be made, good times will be had. ROCK.

(Click for facebook event)

Friday, February 24th, 2012
Mill Hill Basement
300 South Broad St, Trenton, NJ
10:00PM | $6




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2011 Recap

Another year has passed for Band of Beards, so take that 2011, we're still alive!

A HUGE thank you to Nate Powell for the incredible work on the album art for Fuerteventura. Everyone should check out the rest of his work. It's nothing short of impressive!

Nick Donnoli took a number of photos (including the photo for Outpatient) this year and also shot the incredible videos from our record release show. Hire him for your next project, party, or corporate event!

Speaking of the record release show videos, Paul Howell engineered the audio. I hear he's mastering jazz records for a few million dollars a week since he got tired of rock and roll bands not paying him, so don't hire him for anything. Just give him your love. He needs your love.


Here are some highlights from reviews we received this year:


"Listened to this record. Didn’t like it." CT Terry, Razorcake

"...describe(s) the current burning wish of many to frolic in the sun..." - Alexa Daugherty, Chicago Music Shopping Examiner

"...hairy bass lines, flocculent guitar solo's, and villous drum beats." - Sarah, Music She Blogged

"Nothing here is out-and-out bad..." - Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake

" ...a little wild with guitar wankery..." and "...heartfelt sounding lyrics." - Paul J. Cornea, Razorcake

"...strong enough to warrant a cautious recommendation." - Petteri Pertola,

Referring to our debut release, Fuerteventura: "Liked their first release better." - Alan

"...not too shouty..." -

"This album is paced like a classic wrestling match." - Jay Mazeffect,

"Things go terribly awry..." -  Jospeh Regal,

"In A Word: Hairy" - Ariel Vreeland, The Aquarian


Check back, as we'll be posting more shows and new music throughout 2012. To get in touch, email us at or find us on your favorite social networking abyss (facebook, twitter, okcupid, etc...)




Band of Beards

















Nick Donnoli (unknowingly) took the cover photo for Outpatient after a gig at Mill Hill in Trenton, New Jersey. The 3 song Band of Beards demo is currently available at iTunes, CDBaby, and possibly Spotify by the time you read this.


Lazlo wraps up his Top 100 countdown tonight at 8pm. Lot's of great stuff so far from 11-100, the final 10 should be solid.


For those of you who party so hard on New Years Eve that you need to get started a day early, The 33rd Revolution are hosting a New Years Eve EVE party. Acoustic Band of Beards will be there.

Friday, December 30th

The 33rd Revolution
Case Study
Jon from Band of Beards (acoustic)

The Neshanic Inn
102 Woodfern Road
Branchburg, NJ

The 33rd Revolution just released a new album and you can check it out on their Revebnation page.


Band of Beards - Outpatient (acoustic demos)

Lyrics are available under the discography tab.



Best review ever? I think so.


5 songs to beat Chicago's dreary weather
2) Multiple Choice Questions – Band of Beards
The energy in this track, defined by constantly changing chords and a singer that seems to be yelling, will wake anyone up from rain-induced insomnia. Additionally, lyrics like doing all that I can/ to keep from fevering describe the current burning wish of many to frolic in the sun rather than sit cooped up inside by a cold drizzle.

Click the link to check out the rest!


Photo: Nick Donnoli


One third Band of Beards.



Nick Donnoli took some photos during a Wienerpit rehearsal.


Solo acoustic gig! Band of Beards song of past, present, and future will be attempted.

Tuesday, October 18 ·
8:00pm - 11:00pm
The Meatlocker
Montlair, New Jersey
$5  / ALL AGES

Eat This Mckinley (KY)

Button Up

New Jersey Fun Squad

Something Cool

Jon from Band Of Beards

Sex On Cassette

As well as some side show act with a bed of nails!


Where the loud noises come from


What does it mean?